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Sunsett Balloons GDPR Policy

Domain Name Representation

The below GDPR policy will be the same for all domain names  used by Sunsett Balloons
this includes;

What data do we require from you ?

We only require the minimum amount of data from you to process your booking / order, these are;

Personal Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Location of Event

What is this data used for ?

We use the data above only to ensure that we can process a confirmation form, this is so that you have a copy of what
we have both agreed to. This gives you peace of mind about timing, cost and location of event etc.

As a company that provides services for children and family celebrations it's important that we also have consent on important
safety information that can be viewed by you, the customer, also. This is another reason that we use your data, it benefits
you the customer, making sure safety information is distributed to be viewed.


How is this information stored ?

We have a data copy located on our PC and also a written copy that is destroyed after use.
When storing data on PC and other devices, up to date paid security is used at all times which is checked
regularly with passwords being changed on a regular basis. We will only use your information, again only with your consent, to contact you about already requested material. Any paperwork that we store is located in a secure
storage area that is locked and alarmed.

Email Storage & Security

All emails that are sent to us are located on a secure server.
 We will only use email that is in use for a direct purpose and all other emails that are no longer used will be destroyed on
a regular basis.Email security is checked regularly and passwords changed for maximum protection.

Request to be Forgotten ?

At Sunsett Balloons we respect the right for your information to be forgotten at any time, and you have the right to request any
information we have on you to be destroyed immediately upon request.

When purchasing any paid item online

We don't take payment on the website, its directed to paypal which is a recognised and secure online purchase system.
We have a policy above for purchases that you can view at anytime.

We will be reviewing our GDPR policy regularly and constantly looking to improve it, and will make nessessary changes to improve the way
we manage and store our customers data.

Please contact us for any further questions and we will be happy to help.

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